Something for everyone

There’s no size fits all approach when it comes to our mental health, which is why Mindamigo has a truly eclectic approach to find the right insights and techniques that work for you no matter what you’re going through.

Dedicated course tailoured to you

Combined with the techniques is the dedicated ACT and CBT course that’s easy to understand and digest and is tailoured to provide support where you need it the most. The course acts as the focal point for Mindamigo where all the insights and techniques are explored.


A place to discover your most treasured values in life and to form a plan to live by them better.

Thought Record

Used to catch those difficult thoughts that cause us to feel and behave in a certain way and to discover the connection between them.


If you’re struggling to find the motivation, this technique helps us see the benefit in completing tasks we’d rather avoid


Take stock of the difficulties in your life and how they are affecting you by making a note of them in the journal


A place to make a note of all the positvie aspects of life by proactively thinking about what went well and embracing gratitude


Helps us to see our thoughts from a new perspective so that we can begin to ‘unhook’ ourselves from negative chatter of the mind

Your mental health companion

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Psychological principles for life

Learn life time psychological skills and principles that can get you through those diffciutly times. Psychological education and positive mental health are not mutually exclusive, as so the more we know about the key insights and techniques, the better we’ll feel now and in the future.

What else?

Meditations to calm the mind and build self confidence

Keep a diary of your mood to understand your mental health better

Over 12 hours of audio content alongside 10 interactive techniques

Confidence to live life by your values

Be empowered to take back control of your life and get in touch with the real you again with a dedicated ACT and CBT course that’s tailoured to you. The course is designed to provide a holistic grounding in both therapies which is rarely actualised.

Psychological principles for life

Adolescence can be an incredibly challenging time in anyone’s life as we muddle our way through and experince new suituations for the first time. Mindamigo is designed to support us along that journey of discovery with key insights and techniques that help us through adversity and stay with us for life.

How we can support your school, college or university

Emphasis on positive mental health for PSHE to prepare pupils for the road head

Built in safeguarding measures to support the DSL and keep pupils safe

Help students access the mental health support they need when they need it

What they’ll learn…

  • How to manage difficult and uncomfortable emotions

  • What their passions and values are in life

  • How to be more in touch with their true authentic selves

  • New perspectives and how to think in a flexible way

  • How to be more mindful and develop self reflection

What they’ll leave with…

  • A sense of empowerment and capability

  • Greater awareness and conciousness of emotion

  • A deeper and more authentic sense of self

  • Increased satisfaction and mental resiliance

  • Improved social and emotional wellbeing

Safeguarding measures built-in

Keeping your students safe is a top pritority which is why Mindamigo provides an alert system to notify Safeguarding leads when a pupil is in need of further support. This ensure that students that need support do not fall under the radar of the DSL.

Psychological principles to empower and engage

Support and nurture through difficult academic periods

Greater pupil resiliance and confidence

Improve educational attainment and PHSE

With improved mental health comes higher educational attainment. Students that are less preoccupied by difficult thoughts and emotions are better able to not only meet the challenges of life, but academic pressures as well.