Preventative care to empower and build resilience

Best-in-class preventative therapy

Mindamigo provides patients with the insights and techniques from the world’s standard in psychological interventions based on CBT and ACT based therapy, to help patients build and stronger sense of independence and resiliance in themlseves reducing the relapse and improving quality of life.

A CBT course…

  • Change difficult and unhelpful thinking patterns

  • Build a positive set of habits to create a better life

  • Establish goals and build a sense of gratitude in life

  • Cultivate motivation through accomplishment and enjoyment

And an ACT one too…

  • Develop psychological flexibility in response to difficult emotions

  • Change perspective through mindfulness and defusion

  • Create a strong life purpose and value set

  • Learn how difficult thoughts and emotions can be accepted

Improved clinical decisions

Mindamigo not only can help your healthcare organisation when it comes to providing relevant and timely clinical information on a patient, but it can also help when it comes to priming the patient for treatment with CBT and ACT based therapy, saving on time and resources.