Preventative care to empower and build resilience

Psychological principles for life

Learn life time psychological skills and principles that can get you through those diffciutly times. Psychological education and positive mental health are not mutually exclusive, as so the more we know about the key insights and techniques, the better we’ll feel now and in the future.

How we can support your school, college or university

Emphasis on positive mental health for PSHE to prepare pupils for the road head

Built in safeguarding measures to support the DSL and keep pupils safe

Help students access the mental health support they need when they need it

What they’ll learn…

What they’ll leave with…

Safeguarding measures built-in

Keeping your students safe is a top pritority which is why Mindamigo provides an alert system to notify Safeguarding leads when a pupil is in need of further support. This ensure that students that need support do not fall under the radar of the DSL.

Psychological principles to empower and engage

Support and nurture through difficult academic periods

Greater pupil resiliance and confidence

Improve educational attainment and PHSE

With improved mental health comes higher educational attainment. Students that are less preoccupied by difficult thoughts and emotions are better able to not only meet the challenges of life, but academic pressures as well.

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