Build resilience and peace of mind into your organization

A happier and resiliant organisation

Mindamigo provides the key insights and techniques to build a greater sense of contentment and resiliance within ourslves. With concepts like acceptance and Mindfulness along with a better understadning our our thoughts and emotions, employees will not only feel better in work but out of work too.

Support your employees with their free access to…

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Get to know your employees better

Understand more about your employees mental wellbeing and how you can support them by using the Mindamigo employee dashboard. Here you’ll have access to data and insights to help you understand engagment and how this supports your company wellbeing strategy.

Best-in-class therapy tailoured to you

Improved employee empowerment and resiliance

Greater Mindfulness to help calm the mind in stressful situationsresiliance and confidence

Your partner in patient mental health care

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