A holistic approach to mental wellbeing with an eclectic combination of techniques and insights from CBT and ACT, empowering people to discover what works best for them.

Beyond traditional CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy dominates mental healthcare across society, but has its limitations. CBT’s focus on rationally trying to figure our way out of difficult thoughts and emotions is not always the best or most suitable approach for the individual.

Mindamigo goes beyond this limitation by offering ‘Third Wave’ Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, combined with CBT.

Our products

Combining both digital and physical
products to support your mental health.

The Mindamigo

The Mindamigo app
offers ACT and CBT
courses, blending
eastern wisdom to
navigate adversity.

Discover numerous
practices, techniques,
and wellbeing exercises
for a calmer, happier

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The Mindamgio

The Mindamigo Journal
fosters mental well-
being with daily self-reflection
and gratitude practices.

This 182-page journal
also provides profound
insights to foster new
ways of thinking.

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Download for free
Mindamigo Worksheets,
merging ACT and CBT
techniques for improved
emotional management
and positive daily

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See how we can support you

Whether your an individual looking for support,
an employer, educator or healthcare provider,
we’ve got you covered

Conquer adversity with
Mindamigo’s holistic
approach, blending
ACT, CBT, and eastern
wisdom via the
Mindamigo App,
Journal, and

Foster a positive
workplace culture with
Mindamigo products,
supporting employee
well-being with you or
in collaboration with
your occupational
health provider.

Adolescence and early
adulthood are
challenging times.
Mindamigo assists
educators in guiding
students through this
transitional phase.

Healthcare providers cope
with rising mental health
demands. Mindamigo
products can help in reducing
service pressure and
enhancing patient